An Introduction!

While I know that the last thing this world needs is another self-absorbed blog by a mother who thinks that her child/children is/are better than all other kids out there, her cooking is far superior to the average person’s, and believes that she is the most interesting person in the area…..I’m starting a blog.   Not that I really think all of those things, really I don’t!  I’m now on modified bedrest with 4 weeks or so left in my second (and last!) pregnancy and need something to do with my days to occupy my time or risk losing my sanity!  After much deliberation and listing of pros and cons, I have decided to go ahead and launch BroiledCookies.  If you don’t like what you read, feel free to mosey on….if you enjoy it, feel free to leave a comment!

How did I come up with the name BroiledCookies?  Well, for those of you who don’t know me, I have a weakness for sweets.  Especially carbs loaded with butter and sugar.  The more the better!  One morning last week I suddenly had an intense craving for cookies and luckily I had a quick mix in the pantry.  I usually prefer making my cookies from scratch, but I used the last of my chocolate chips a few night before in an ice cream sundae…I told you I love sweets!  Anyway, I set the pre-heat on the oven and got to mixing my egg, butter, mix and water and dished the dough onto the parchment paper covered cookie sheet.  I clicked my oven to bake…or so I thought,  threw in the cookies and set the timer. 

Now, it was just my luck that my phone rang a mere 2 minutes before the timer went off.  It was my hubby wanting me to go check the mileage on our new Jeep (there will be a blog on this project soon!) for insurance.  I ran out as fast as a pregnant woman can, got the mileage and ran back in to check the cookies.  Immediately, I could smell the light scent of crisping cookies.  I rushed to the oven to pull them out before crispy became burnt.  Right away I could tell that something was wrong.  The tops were crispy and almost, but not quite, burnt while the bottom edges were a perfect light brown.  I flipped one over, burning my finger in the process and see a perfectly light brown cookies bottom.  How is this possible?  I set the oven to BROIL instead of bake. 

After waiting as long as I could stand to try one (about one minute and forty-five seconds for those curious) I did a taste test.  Amazingly, they tasted great!  A little crispy on top, but nice and chewy on the bottom.  After sampling 3 more, I became convinced that broiling cookies has got to be the best way to make cookies and began to scour google to see if others had discovered this glorious miracle as well.  Much to my dismay, I couldn’t find a single reference to broiling cookies.  My theory is that since they cook from the top down, instead of bottom up you can better watch to insure that they are properly cooking.  Flawed logic?  Probably.  But what isn’t flawed in my world!  I plan on making more cookies in the near future using the Broil method for further investigation.  I’ll keep you posted!

A side note:  my husband, who has a hatred of anything slightly overcooked-except his meat which must be cooked until well-done, would not try even a bite of my broiled cookies.  My 2-year-old, however, devoured her’s and wanted more! 

So, that is my introduction to the blogging world and an explanation to BroiledCookies.  I hope you feel compelled to come visit from time to time, and that I’m able to entertain you with my tales of motherhood, cooking and life!

Later Days!


About broiledcookies

I'm a wife and mother. I enjoy cooking and baking. I love to eat carbs, especially those made with large amounts of butter and/or sugar. My cast iron skillet is the most used item in my kitchen. I enjoy playing outside and taking pictures. You'll often find me singing to myself. I read....a LOT!
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