Tree Pollen = Unhappy Mama

So, its spring in the midwest.  The sun is FINALLY shining (even if we did have a freak snow shower last Saturday), the temperature is steadily rising through the day, birds are singing songs, flowers are poking up through the ground and the dreaded tree pollen is making an appearance.  DUH DUH DUHNNNNNNN!

Normally, I would go get my nifty steroid shot in my rump, limp around for a few hours until the pain subsides and go about my business with my allergies having been served their cease and desist order.  This spring I’m carrying a baby around in my belly, and I try really hard to not use medications during pregnancy (except for my Tylenol, without which I would be curled up in a ball crying).  So, I’m getting to tough out this spring allergy season without my shot.  Which means aside from puff’s plus and saline being  my best friends right now, my husband gets to listen to me snore most nights.  Lucky him!

Now for the real kicker.  Our 2-year-old daughter, whom we refer to as The Bear, also suffers from allergies.  She’s one of those kids with a constant post-nasal drip regardless of the season.  It’ll go away for a day, maybe two and come back again.  So, she now takes Flonase once a day to help with her drip and drip-induced night-time coughing fits.  Except when Mama is not feeling well, and not thinking the clearest, and forgets to give her her dose of Flonase before bed.  *HEADSLAP!*

Last night at 3:45ish, we had a crying little girl climb into bed with us.  I debated giving her some Zyrtec as she coughed, but as long as I was elevated on a pillow with her nestled against my upper arm/shoulder her cough was livable.  What wasn’t livable was having my arm fall asleep after 10 minutes, my hips and back really starting to hurt shortly after that, and every time I tried to readjust our position the grip of death that only a 2-year-old can manage, would lock around me. 

Thankfully at around 5:45, our little Bear decided she needed her Daddy.  I swear, aside from mentally wishing she would go to him I didn’t do anything to prompt it.  It’s the truth!  Anyway, she climbed over my large belly and body pillow I sleep with to curl up next to her Daddy for the next 30 minutes until we wake up.  As hubby and I are eating our breakfast, he asks why he woke up with Bear curled up at his back.  Men.

So, I hope you have a lovely spring day.  Me, I’m going to haul a box of tissues, a book and our dog outside and sit on the patio enjoying the sunshine while trying to make the best of bedrest.  Tree Pollen or no Tree Pollen!


About broiledcookies

I'm a wife and mother. I enjoy cooking and baking. I love to eat carbs, especially those made with large amounts of butter and/or sugar. My cast iron skillet is the most used item in my kitchen. I enjoy playing outside and taking pictures. You'll often find me singing to myself. I read....a LOT!
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