Adventures in Potty Training!

We have taken a laid back approach to potty training in our house.  I wish I could tell you that this is because my husband and I have researched and found numerous benefits to letting your child determine when they are ready to start using the toilet.  But, that’s not the case.  We are lazy parents.  There, I said it and I feel much better!

Anywho, we have had the potty chair out for a year now and have encouraged The Bear to use it whenever she shows an interest.  I unsuccessfully tried to use the potty train your child in 3 days method and purchased countless story books encouraging little ones to use the potty.  We have a shoe box with candies, small toys, and stickers to reward her.  But, I get busy and forget to remind her to go try.  So, I adopted the “She’ll do it when she’s ready” defense when asked if she was trained yet. 

After bringing home little sister (Baby Bear) more than a month ago (my reason for not posting in ages!) Big Bear started to use the potty.  She’d just walk into the room and announce that she had pottyed (pottied?  pottyied?  potty-ed?  forget it…..).  We made a huge deal over this like we always do but didn’t force it.  She has now self-trained herself to the point she rarely has accidents and is even waking up dry.  Big Bear usually wears pull-ups at night and anytime we leave the house, but around the house she gets to wear big girl undies….very big deal!

Now that the back story has been shared and you are throughly bored, let me share with you our latest potty training adventure.  Big Bear had been put in bed and I was relaxing downstairs with Baby Bear while hubby was at work for the evening.  All of a sudden Big Bear is downstairs telling me she isn’t tired.  I ask her to go back to bed and relax with her eyes closed.  No go.  She switched tactics and told me her mouth hurt and before I could respond she told me (thru tears no less) that she was sick and needed to go see the doctor.  When I told her she would have to wait until the next day to see our doctor, she switched gears again.  She needed to potty.   JEEEEZ!  The one approach I can’t counter!  Darn her toddler mind grasping that so quickly!  So I told her to c’mon, let’s go to the bathroom.  While following her I realize that her pull-up is gone and she’s wearing undies.  Hmmmm.  But, they looked really bulky.  I wondered if she had put them on over her pull-ups.  By the time we got to the bathroom I was really curious. 

I ask her to take her undies off.  There’s another pair under them.  And another pair, and another pair, and another pair.  There were so many pairs of underwear, she couldn’t even get them all off!  The Bear had put 9, yes NINE, pairs of underwear on one on top of the other!  It was like pulling clowns out of a car…they just kept coming!  I was trying hard not to giggle as she did her business and I gave her a new pair of pull-up and took her back to bed.  Maybe she didn’t think her pull-ups were stylish enough and decided to create her own?   That or she’s determined to drive her mama crazy! 

Have a great one!


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