What’s for dinner?

First of all, in our small farming community dinner is served at noon and supper in the evening.  Lunch is what you eat at school or is a light meal in town.  Soooo, now that I’ve laid out the verbage for you…..WHAT’S FOR DINNER? 

The words that I HATE hearing.  It becomes a “Who’s on first?” routine.

“What are you going to fix for dinner?”

“What do you want for dinner?”

“Oh, I don’t know….what can you fix?”

~List 3 or 4 things I can make.

“No.  I don’t want that.”

“Okay, what do you want?”

“I don’t know.  What can you fix?”


This cycles until I am mad, mad, MAD!  Not really the angry mad, more the insane mad.  Because usually I end up suggesting something that sounds really good to me and I start to drool.  And then, hubby vetoes it.  And something springs in my brain.  I suggest something else that sounds really good to me.  Vetoed.

Now, throw in a toddler who would live on Mac n’ Cheese and hotdogs if you let her.  That or burgers from the bar and grill in our small town.  Which are very, very tasty and are very much a contributing factor on the topic of my pregnancy weight gain!

Yesterday we started up the ‘what’s for dinner’ routine.  I finally went into the kitchen and checked my freezer.  Decided on chicken nuggets and mozzarella cheese sticks.  Both cook at the same temp in the oven, easy prep (pre-heat the oven!), easy clean-up (throw away foil from pan and toss dishes in dishwasher), piece of cake!  NOT!  Hubby vetoes this as being appetizers and not a full meal.  If he were working, I would agree.  However, we just started summer break (hooray for working in education!) and had been pretty lazy the past few days.

So, he says he want Goulash.  WHY DIDN’T YOU SAY THAT EARLIER?!?!?!?!  Then no, we are almost out of bread….no Goulash, since you have to eat buttered bread with it.  He’ll have a frozen burrito and The Bear and I can have the nuggets. 

At this point, I really don’t care as long as I get to eat!

I pitch the idea of using the oven and toss the nuggets in the microwave and pull out a yogurt for me and The Bear to share.

We all settle in at the table with our motley assortment of food.  Sigh.  At last, we eat.

“Could I have some chicken nuggets?”

Excuse me, I need to go pull my hair out now.


About broiledcookies

I'm a wife and mother. I enjoy cooking and baking. I love to eat carbs, especially those made with large amounts of butter and/or sugar. My cast iron skillet is the most used item in my kitchen. I enjoy playing outside and taking pictures. You'll often find me singing to myself. I read....a LOT!
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One Response to What’s for dinner?

  1. LisaDay says:

    My husband does that, too. I drives me crazy. I make a decision and he decides he doesn’t want it and wants whatever. I actually want to smack him.


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