Fun times. Big messes. Great memories.

So, kids are a blast and I love mine more than anything in the world.  That being stated and out of the way, Oh My Goodness!!!!  The messes they are capable of making in a matter of seconds!  It’s mind-boggling how someone so small can create such a huge disaster so quickly.

We’ve had a few of these incidents.  Like the time I made the mistake of going to the bathroom for less than 2 minutes right before The Bear turned two.  I came out to find an entire box of Cookie Crisp being sorted on my kitchen table.  Now, that wasn’t too hard to clean up….frustrating, but easily contained. 

That same summer, we had a run in with yogurt.  She was eating a snack size container of yogurt in the kitchen and I ran in to use the bathroom really quickly.  I came out and she had smeared it all over her hands, face, chest, hair, and legs.  It quickly got interesting when the yogurt began to run into her eyes.  Ouch.  Luckily the only damage was to my sanity and bladder, as I now am able to hold my water for superhuman lengths of time! 

Then there was the time a few months ago she decided to feed our beta fish.  She fed him an entire jar of his fish food.  That took me an hour to clean up.  The fish survived.  Needless to say, we have a lot of blackmail pictures for her graduation!

So, this morning I was feeding Baby Bear in the front room when The Bear decided to go play in the kitchen.  I heard her rattling around and assumed she was playing with her play kitchen that is in my kitchen.  And that’ll teach me to assume.

CRASH!  I heard the tinkle of glass breaking.

I hurry up and unlatch Baby Bear and go running into the kitchen while Baby is fussing at her early lunch being disrupted.  And what I find is quite the sight. 

The Bear had pushed a kitchen chair up to the sink to help me ‘clean’.  The left sink was filled to the brink of overflowing, and in fact after I shut off the water and reached in for the plug, water sloshed onto the floor.  The right sink was only half-filled with water, but was littered with pieces of a broken glass.  I quickly grab The Bear and carry her into the living room so I can assess where all of the glass shards are without worrying about her and put Baby Bear in her bouncy seat on the kitchen table.  Luckily, the glass is all in the sink. 

Then I hear The Bear start to wail.  I rush into the living room, visions of blood running down her arm are flashing in my mind.  I wonder if she didn’t notice a cut while in the water and it was now gushing.  Thankfully, it was just her upset, knowing she was in trouble.  I carried her back into the kitchen and calmed her down.  I really thought she punished herself enough.  I really thought our fun adventure for the day was over.

And I thought wrong.

This afternoon The Bear and I took a shower together.  She loves singing in the shower with mommy and I have a hard time telling her ‘no’ when she pops her head in and asks so politely, “May I shower, please?”.  And when she climbs in, she immediately wets her head and begins to sing “I’m gonna wash that man right outta my hair” in a way that melts my heart.  After we are shiny and smell pretty thanks to this great soap I love, love, LOVE: (Sweet Girl and Raspberry Almond are my favorites!) we climb out of the tub.  We dry off and I hand The Bear her pull-up and send her out to have Daddy help her get it on while I put on lotion (Raspberry Almond!) and get dressed. 

My dear husband begins to call for me.  And by call I mean yell.  Loudly.  Our lovely daughter has decided she needed to go potty.  On her little slide that is in her play area.  Or more exactly, down the slide.  Apparently, she wanted to watch it go down the slide. 

So, to recap, I have cleaned broken glass out of my kitchen sink and soaked up the sloshed water and disinfected the slide and shampooed (is that right? spell check tells me it isn’t, but offers no suggestion. Eh, oh well) I shampooed the carpet around the slide.  Did I mention that this was all before 2pm?

Both girls are napping and I’m venting on here while chanting my mantra: Ilovemykids, Ilovemykids, Ilovemykids…..over and over again.  My wonderful hubby is setting up a tent in the yard for our family campout tonight.  Seeing how today has gone so far, I’m sure there will be some fun stories to share about that later on!  Here’s hoping you all have a great weekend!


About broiledcookies

I'm a wife and mother. I enjoy cooking and baking. I love to eat carbs, especially those made with large amounts of butter and/or sugar. My cast iron skillet is the most used item in my kitchen. I enjoy playing outside and taking pictures. You'll often find me singing to myself. I read....a LOT!
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2 Responses to Fun times. Big messes. Great memories.

  1. Susan Friedrichs says:

    Oh Sarah, I just had to reminesce (sp?) about Jacob’s toddlerhood. He loved to eat dried cat food and every time I couldn’t find him he was in the chicken house helping himself out of the bag. However one time when I was in the bathroom, he and our Australian shepherd decided to hit the road, Jack! I was sure they’d gone to the pond and headed that way in terror that I would find his coat floating on the water. Meanwhile Maurice had been coming home and before turning down the lane he saw something red bobbing up and down in the ditch along our country road. He decided to follow and there was Jacob making his getaway with the dog. Needless to say I never left him alone ever again. I still worry sometimes even though he is now a sophomore. Being a mom is stressful work sometimes. 🙂

  2. babytyche08 says:

    So true, how mind boggling it is that some kids can really make a lot of mess in just a matter of seconds. Frustrating and patience consuming it is, as parents we must always keep our cool and stay compose. Even if sometimes anger gets the best of us.

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