My MEME Cherry is Officially Popped!

I’ve seen ’em.  I’ve wondered about ’em.  I’ve wanted to do ’em.  I’ve been chicken.  

BUT, growing up with 3 brothers I learned to never, NEVER turn down a dare.  And after commenting on a meme that I found interesting, I was invited (in my mind challenged!) to do one myself.  

The rules are: if you are tagged, you need to write these rules in their own blogs & share eight things about yourself that other people wouldn’t know. At the end of the your blog post, tag six people and list their blogs. Message the people chosen to tell them they’ve been CHOSEN and encourage them to read the eight things you’ve posted about yourself.  

Now, here is the dilemma.  I am new to the whole blogging scene.  I’m still setting my stuff up and just finally today started an RSS feed (please follow me or subscribe to email updates or join the facebook group!).  I don’t have a set ‘following’ of blogging people, yet.   

So instead of tagging people, I’m extending the challenge to everyone who reads this.  If you read, you MUST post a comment of at least one thing I don’t know about you.  Eight would be better, but I’ll be nice and settle for one tidbit!  If you don’t post even one, I’ll send you a poopy diaper (infant or toddler…your choice) in the mail!  Awww, I’m just kidding…..or am I?  

So here goes:  

1.)  I can almost read braille.  I’m studying to become a braille transcriptionist and am plugging my way through the course work.  I can read grade one braille really well, and am still learning all of the rules for the more advanced braille.  It’s very interesting, and sometimes headache inducing to read and proofread and transcribe all of those dots!  

2.)  I met my husband on Yahoo Personals.  I was in the midst of a dating dry spell (okay, it was a Dust Bowl proportion dry spell!) and tried it on a whim for some blind dates.  My hubby had an account for his band.  They would message single women in the cities where they were playing and ask the women to come hear them play.  Mass amounts of women showed up, and the men followed.  Pretty decent marketing.  Anyway, I messaged him and he on a whim responded.  About 9 months later we got married, and 9 months after that we got pregnant with the Bear, and 9 months after that we bought our house (moved when The Bear was 2 months old)!  Crazy.  

3.)  I was born without a thumbnail on my left hand, and only half of one on my right.  Thought it was odd my entire childhood until my awesome Mama (who is a nurse and soon to be a Nurse Practitioner!) diagnosed me with Nail Patella Syndrome.  It explained a lot of stuff like my super small kneecaps, toe walking, thumbnails, triangle nail beds, and what not.   

4.)  Hubby and I haven’t had television for 4 years now.  Let me clarify.  We own a television, VCR, and DVD player that we use to watch movies, we just don’t get any air channels where we live and choose not to subscribe to cable or satellite television.  I do watch a few shows online (GLEE, True Beauty, and occasionally other random shows) but not much else.  I don’t miss it.  There are times where I think I do, and then I get to playing with the kiddos or reading a book and realize that I really don’t.  Plus, it really helps keep my home Dora free!  

5.)  I live in my dream home.  Really.  Granted there are a lot of updates that I eventually want to do, but the bones and flow of my home are exactly what I wanted and I believe it was fate for us to live here.  When hubby first started to bring me around his hometown in our dating stage, we drove by what is now our home.  I pointed it out and told him, “That’s what I want for a house.  Big porch, big windows, that is it.”  He then pointed out the new siding and windows being installed and that he doubted it would be for sale anytime soon.  2 years later it was on the market and I really fell in love.  3 days after we looked at it, I was induced with The Bear and figured it was gone.  When she was about 5 or 6 weeks old, the realtor called and asked if we were interested in it as the price had dropped.  We were and made an offer that was accepted and the rest is history in the making!  

My Home! That's not our name in front though.....go figure the people we bought from wanted to take it with them!


6.)  I like raw hamburger.  I know, it’s really gross….but I love to eat hamburger when I’m frying it up.  I cook it just long enough to ‘tan’ the outside and sneak bites while I’m cooking it for supper.  I’m amazed I haven’t ended up in the hospital with food poisoning yet!  Oddly enough, I prefer my steaks to be cooked medium well.  

7.)  I have no tummy stretch marks from my two pregnancies.  I have no clue how it happened….I was terrible about remembering to put on lotion and I gained plenty of weight (30 for The Bear and 50 for Baby Bear).  However, the allure of my smooth, if chubby, tummy is slightly diminished by my tubal scar.  Dang it, now I’ll never get to be a bikini model!  What?  You need boobs larger than nearly A for that?  Double dang!  

8.)  I’m a hugger.  I’m that person who is comfortable hugging just about anyone that I know for any reason.  It’s what I do.  


WHEW!  That was harder than I thought it would be!  Sooooo, on to your challenge!  Post at least one thing I don’t know about you or risk a poopy diaper in your mailbox!  🙂  



About broiledcookies

I'm a wife and mother. I enjoy cooking and baking. I love to eat carbs, especially those made with large amounts of butter and/or sugar. My cast iron skillet is the most used item in my kitchen. I enjoy playing outside and taking pictures. You'll often find me singing to myself. I read....a LOT!
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10 Responses to My MEME Cherry is Officially Popped!

  1. Millissia says:

    hey sara, so i love your blog! I read this today and I decided that your challege sounded like fun, so here it goes.
    1) I’m a crier. I cry when I’m mad, happy, sad and every strong emotion in between, but I’m not ashamed of it. If I’m sad, or angry I always feel alot better after I cry. If I’m happy usually i feel even better about whatever I was crying about.

    2) I am applying to Vet school, here at K-State this fall. Wow, am I nervous, but really excited! Its kind of crazy to think that I am only 19 years old and possibly by the fall of 2011 I will be working on the degree to my dream job.

    3)I caught duck fever my senior year of highschool. Dad took me with him one fateful morning and I now live for opening day of duck season. (It’s not even July and I want it to be duck season!) Thanks to my dad and my boyfriend (who I met that morning in the duck blind with my dad) I love to hunt now, not that I ever disliked it before. I hate the cold, but this last winter I sat in the sleet, snow, and freezing cold just to shoot some ducks and a doe. This spring i caught myself crawing on my hands and knees in the woods trying to stalk a turkey. (I hate bugs and ticks and all of those wonderful things that come with the woods but I didn’t think twice about it when we were out there)

    4) I call my mom almost everyday, just to talk. Sometimes I call her with nothing to say till she picks up the phone, other times we have a deep heart to heart. Talking with her reminds me of the type of person I want to be. I love my mom to death and through the past few years out of the house we have gotten closer than when I lived at home. I have no idea what I would do with out her.

    5) My absolute favorite thing to do is shoot. Although you probably already knew that, a very close second is art. When its too nasty outside to shoot or I dont want to drive out to the country just to shoot (I live in manhattan) I turn to my art. Its so relaxing, almost at much as shooting my muzzle loader!

    6) I love music!. I like country, red dirt country, new rock, classic rock. Stevie Nicks is one of my all time favorites!

    7) This kind of ties into #6, but musicals are my favorite type of movie. I have to watch them in private though because I usually end up dancing around the room singing along!

    8) Finally to the last one! Someday after I get out of vet school I want to open a practice of my own, have a family and build a log cabin and decorate it. My dream home would include a dark red kitchen, antler chandeliers, high ceilings, a wrap around porch and trophy animals on the wall.

    That sure wasnt easy but it was alot of fun!

    • I’m an angry crier, too! And you know how much I love to shoot! I’m soooo happy you are enjoying my blog….it’s really a great venting source for me! Good luck with Vet School! I’ll have to let you know if we ever make it down to M-town so we can do lunch or something! 🙂

  2. Yay!!! So happy you took the challenge! I put 8 more things about me on my other blog (everyday mommy .. I <a href='linked to it here)

    I grabbed your RSS feed…. (but adding the google friend connect gadget will really help lame blogger friends like me be certain to read regularly!!)

    Love your house! I met my guy on line too!!!

  3. OOPS I blew linking to Everyday Mommy 2nd try: here it is

  4. Ann Ragland says:

    I stepped on a crocodile in Lake Turkana, Kenya while washing my clothes. “Why,” I asked one of my Kenyan colleagues, “wasn’t I croc-chow?” He answered, “Crocodile not hungry.”

  5. Courtney says:

    Hmmmm… Okay here goes…..
    1. I would love to try stand up comedy just for one night to see if I really am that funny.
    2. I LOVE to craft!
    3. I enjoy cooking but don’t do very well at baking but am trying.
    4. I would like to decorate cakes for a living.
    5. I have 4 tattoos, I KNOW SHOCKING ISN’T IT!? However Iwill be removing 2 of them as soon as I get done nursing.
    6. My husband and I were married at our 1 year first date anniversary.
    7. I enjoy reading books of all different types unless they deal with vampires 🙂
    8. I constantly worry about my children! I mean not an hour goes by that I don’t have thoughts. It is overwhelming and I am working on it.

    Whoooooo that was HARD and you will learn alot more than you wish in our bible study 🙂

    • Oh wow! Would never have guessed 1 and 5…….I would love to get a tattoo, but haven’t found ‘the one’! And you should try an open mic night!!!!!

      Can’t wait for our Mom’s Bible group to start!!!!

  6. Diva says:

    Thanks for visiting my site via SITS. I have a fetish for office supplies!

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