Saturday Morning Window Shopping!

Since I can’t get out to go shopping this morning, and our lovely local Wal-Mart offers so much variety (did my sarcasm font show through on that?!?!?!), I’m posting my internet shopping wish list!  Feel free to chime in with things that you want to get…also feel free to direct your spouses to the list and what you want!  (Hubby dearest, you may buy any of the items on the following list and I would be very grateful!)  While not quite as satisfying as really shopping, it’s still pretty fun!


This Hugga-Bebe looks sooooo neat!!!!!  I’m really wanting one for Baby Bear.  I just remember the hard time we had keeping The Bear in the correct position. With Baby Bear getting ready for her Jumperoo, this is definitely on my short list of things I want!  The fact that it is mom invented just makes it even more cool!  And, it makes me wish I were creative enough to come up with something like this!Baby Bear needs one of these!

I have a love affair with Athleta clothing.  I love how they are able to make stuff with style and comfort.  I have been drooling over this swim coverup for the past 2 summers.  I love, love, love how it looks light and bouncy….and I think I could wear it with cropped pants and a tank for work if I dressed it up with some chunky jewelry.LOVE THIS!!!!

Then there is this dress.  It really is a good thing that it doesn’t come in black, or it would already be living in my closet!  Its cotton, modal and spandex so it can be machine washed, AND it has bra strap keepers built into it!  No more straps peeking out for the world to see!  Why don’t all dresses and tops have this option?????  And don’t get me started on Athleta’s yoga gear.  Too much stuff that I drool over! 

I have been drooling over this lens for my SLR camera for quite some time.  Slowly but surely, I’m saving up my pennies, nickels, and dimes….one day, I’ll be able to pull it out of my camera bag and quit shorting out my keyboard as I drool and dream!  My goal is to own it before the girls get into sports and such.  *sigh*  I’ll probably end up getting the Tamron version for about half the price of the Nikon.  It has great reviews, but doesn’t have the VR.   But, who am I kidding……I would happily take either one!


I did splurge this week and purchase a new swaddler for Baby Bear.  She sleeps so well when wrapped up, but she has started to break out of her swaddle when I use receiving blankets…..and I wrap her up as tight as I possibly can!  (Thank you Dr. Karp!)  So, after quite a bit of research I landed on the Woombie.  It arrived via in around less than 24 hours and, as soon as it was washed, put to the test!  I had to tie the end up a little, as I ordered a size up.  She’s just 10lbs 10oz and the newborn goes to 13lbs.  I should have gotten the newborn!  Even with tying the end up, it’s too big!  Going with it for now, but hope to get a newborn size as soon as possible….I can see how it would be great if it were the right size!  Stay tuned! 


So, what have YOU been drooling over?  Go on a virtual shopping spree with me!  It’s like window shopping, but easier to resist the urge to make a purchase!!!!






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  1. Now I am drooling over that lens too 🙂

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