I am a wife and mother living in rural Kansas.  I love my husband and two daughters.  The Bear is a toddler and Baby Bear is a baby!  I love our Vizsla puppy, even if he drives me nuts sometimes.

I love cooking and have a weakness for sweets.  Especially if said sweets involve lots of carbs, sugar and butter.  My cast iron skillet is the most used utensil in my kitchen.

I love to sing and am usually singing around the house.  My repertoire includes, but is by no means limited to: Italian Arias, Broadway tunes, Country (usually either classic or alt), Rock (once again, usually classic or alt), jazz, and random off the wall artists that really have no genre but are amazing all the same.   I enjoy acting with our local theater group in their summer musicals and helping with their fundraising endeavors.

I’ll read the first 100 pages of almost any book to see if I like it.  I usually read at least 3 books a week.

We don’t subscribe to television, so I’m limited on what I watch to it’s availability online.  Going on 4 years without television, so far so good.

I dislike mean people, heavy use of pepper in my food, saurkraut, and washing dishes.

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2 Responses to About

  1. Ann Ragland says:

    This is great! You’re so creative. The underwear story is a hoot! 9 pairs! How could she walk? As for the house cleaning, I’m known for being finicky about tidiness. It’s a curse. My new best friend is clorox wipes and I’m saving up for a Dyson Animal. BUT when the kids were toddler/babies the toys on the floor situation was constant and so was the laundry. It’s just a stage in life. A couple years from now it will be different.

    As for cookies, tomorrow is our 21st anniversary, my little flower girl, and I think I’ll broil up some chocolate chip cookies to celebrate 🙂

  2. Thanks, Ann! I was going to broil some cookies tomorrow, myself! We have a Dyson and I love it! It is amazing how much it picks up! It has been worth every penny!

    Happy Anniversary tomorrow! Love you lots and miss you just as much!

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