To Dream The Impossible Dream

So, is there hope of ever being able to go to the store…..alone? No husband questioning if what I’m buying is really needed. No toddler wanting random foods. No infant deciding she is hungry halfway through the store. Just me, my shopping list, and a cart with a squeaky wheel. That would be lovely.

And while we’re on the topic of alone time, I would love to be able to take a shower without The Bear popping in. It is awkward enough trying to shave without having to work around a toddler singing ‘Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair’. And, the rare occasions I’m able to convince her I need to shower by myself, she still feels the need to linger in the bathroom and get into everything. Resulting in my eye makeup getting destroyed.

While I love my husband and children with all of my heart, I would really like about two consecutive hours a month with no one asking me for a drink, what we’re having for supper, changing diapers, picking up toys, washing anything, or yelling at anyone.

The sad thing is, I know this ‘impossible’ dream is going to change when the girls hit those teen-ish years where moms become uncool and dorky and I’ll wish we could spend more time together.

Moms, how do you find time to keep your sanity?  More importantly, how do you find the time to keep your sanity while finding moments you’ll be able to look back on fondly in 5, 10, 20 years?

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Friday Rants and Raves

Sorry I haven’t posted this week….I have several in the works, just no motivation or time to finish them!  My bad!

So, instead I’m starting up my Friday Rants and Raves.  Things that I hate, make me mad, or I need to get off of my chest and good bits I want to share.  Chime in with your own rants and raves….its very cathartic!


People that use the “R” word in a non-clinical use make me sick.  You know who I’m talking about, the folks who say ‘I’m so retarded’, or ‘I can’t believe so-and-so could do something that retarded’.  Please, don’t insult people who actually have mental challenges by comparing yourself and others to them.   You are obviously much, MUCH, MUCH more handicapped than they will ever be if you think that it is okay to use that word in that sense.  In other (not so polite) words, you sir or ma’am, are an a-hole and moron all wrapped up in one.

Drivers in Wal-Mart parking lot at 10:00 at night.  Seriously, slow down!!!!  I was almost clipped by two different cars as I walked into Wal-Mart the other night to do some grocery shopping.  I try to go that late at night for two reasons.  One, it’s much less crowded and therefore easier to find stuff.  Two, The Bear is asleep at home with Daddy.  Which means I can get my shopping done in half the time and I am much more likely to stick to my list.  Anyway, as I walked to the door two different cars came flying around the corner with no concern that people may be walking in the lot.  I really kinda wished I would have seen who they were.  There was a LOT I wanted to explain to them about proper driving etiquette in parking lots. 

Our local town’s council.  You guys are grade A jerks.  Our local paper ran an editorial about how they decided that non-pool employees could not give private lessons at the public pool.  One council member stated concern that the teacher would make money at our public swimming pool.  Okay.  So, are you going to ban childcare providers from taking their kids to the pool….they are, after all, making money at the public pool.  The local summer kids program takes kids there several times a week as well.  That group is making money while at the pool.  Shouldn’t this stupidity be universal?  I paid a non-pool employee for private lessons last summer and am doing the same thing again this summer.  Why?  Because our local pool doesn’t offer classes to kids who aren’t 5 or 6 (can’t remember which off the top of my head).  I want my toddler to be comfortable in the water and start to learn the basics of swimming for her safety and my peace of mind.  If you aren’t going to allow private lessons, offer more classes….and you better offer some evening classes as well for folks who can’t take off of work in the morning to get their kiddos to class! 

Headaches, you can bite me.  That is all I have to say about that. please, please, pretty please hurry up and open!  I am almost out of dishwashing detergent and our lovely local Wal-Mart quit carrying the kind I prefer.  Now that I mention it, they also quit carrying the dish soap I have used for the past 4 years.  I really need to get more stuff, and really don’t want to drive to the nearest Target (about an hour away).  So, please hurry!

Potty Training still stinks.


 And now, just so you don’t think I’m negative all of the time, my raves! 

I recently discovered that our local Wal-Mart quit carrying liquid Dreft in the large size I like to purchase. (Okay, this one is half rant/half rave…..)  Anyway, as I was placing my last order, I looked around at their detergent section.  As always, I started to compare prices to see about finding the best deal.  And in the process, discovered a wonderful product!  Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Baby Detergent.   Per load it is cheaper than Dreft AND it has all natural ingredients.  On a whim, I ordered it.  I LOVE IT!!!!!!  It does a great job cleaning, and has a wonderful light scent.  And it’s great to know that there aren’t a bunch of funky chemicals in it.  My next order, I plan on getting the larger size bottle and trying the regular laundry detergent! 

This week kicked off a new study group at my church.  We’re reading the book “Mom and Loving It!”  Our books haven’t come in yet, but it was wonderful to get together with other mom’s and talk about daily life with kids.  Our group leader told us about the book and I am so excited to start reading it!  My problem is going to be only reading the assigned chapters each week!  I’m sure I’ll be posting about it more in the weeks to come!

My heart melts when The Bear insists on helping with Baby Bear.  It is so sweet to watch her read a book to her sister and sing songs for her.  I am so blessed.

Large boxes that internet orders arrive in are sooooo much more fun to play in than everyday toys.  We colored and decorated an especially large box and used it as a castle, house, boat, truck, and hiding place.  It was a great time until The Bear had an accident while playing in it.  Explaining to a crying toddler why you can’t just clean a cardboard box like you can other stuff is really tough.  Now she’s counting down until I place our next diaper order!


So, what rants and raves do you need to get off of your chest this week?


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My MEME Cherry is Officially Popped!

I’ve seen ’em.  I’ve wondered about ’em.  I’ve wanted to do ’em.  I’ve been chicken.  

BUT, growing up with 3 brothers I learned to never, NEVER turn down a dare.  And after commenting on a meme that I found interesting, I was invited (in my mind challenged!) to do one myself.  

The rules are: if you are tagged, you need to write these rules in their own blogs & share eight things about yourself that other people wouldn’t know. At the end of the your blog post, tag six people and list their blogs. Message the people chosen to tell them they’ve been CHOSEN and encourage them to read the eight things you’ve posted about yourself.  

Now, here is the dilemma.  I am new to the whole blogging scene.  I’m still setting my stuff up and just finally today started an RSS feed (please follow me or subscribe to email updates or join the facebook group!).  I don’t have a set ‘following’ of blogging people, yet.   

So instead of tagging people, I’m extending the challenge to everyone who reads this.  If you read, you MUST post a comment of at least one thing I don’t know about you.  Eight would be better, but I’ll be nice and settle for one tidbit!  If you don’t post even one, I’ll send you a poopy diaper (infant or toddler…your choice) in the mail!  Awww, I’m just kidding…..or am I?  

So here goes:  

1.)  I can almost read braille.  I’m studying to become a braille transcriptionist and am plugging my way through the course work.  I can read grade one braille really well, and am still learning all of the rules for the more advanced braille.  It’s very interesting, and sometimes headache inducing to read and proofread and transcribe all of those dots!  

2.)  I met my husband on Yahoo Personals.  I was in the midst of a dating dry spell (okay, it was a Dust Bowl proportion dry spell!) and tried it on a whim for some blind dates.  My hubby had an account for his band.  They would message single women in the cities where they were playing and ask the women to come hear them play.  Mass amounts of women showed up, and the men followed.  Pretty decent marketing.  Anyway, I messaged him and he on a whim responded.  About 9 months later we got married, and 9 months after that we got pregnant with the Bear, and 9 months after that we bought our house (moved when The Bear was 2 months old)!  Crazy.  

3.)  I was born without a thumbnail on my left hand, and only half of one on my right.  Thought it was odd my entire childhood until my awesome Mama (who is a nurse and soon to be a Nurse Practitioner!) diagnosed me with Nail Patella Syndrome.  It explained a lot of stuff like my super small kneecaps, toe walking, thumbnails, triangle nail beds, and what not.   

4.)  Hubby and I haven’t had television for 4 years now.  Let me clarify.  We own a television, VCR, and DVD player that we use to watch movies, we just don’t get any air channels where we live and choose not to subscribe to cable or satellite television.  I do watch a few shows online (GLEE, True Beauty, and occasionally other random shows) but not much else.  I don’t miss it.  There are times where I think I do, and then I get to playing with the kiddos or reading a book and realize that I really don’t.  Plus, it really helps keep my home Dora free!  

5.)  I live in my dream home.  Really.  Granted there are a lot of updates that I eventually want to do, but the bones and flow of my home are exactly what I wanted and I believe it was fate for us to live here.  When hubby first started to bring me around his hometown in our dating stage, we drove by what is now our home.  I pointed it out and told him, “That’s what I want for a house.  Big porch, big windows, that is it.”  He then pointed out the new siding and windows being installed and that he doubted it would be for sale anytime soon.  2 years later it was on the market and I really fell in love.  3 days after we looked at it, I was induced with The Bear and figured it was gone.  When she was about 5 or 6 weeks old, the realtor called and asked if we were interested in it as the price had dropped.  We were and made an offer that was accepted and the rest is history in the making!  

My Home! That's not our name in front though.....go figure the people we bought from wanted to take it with them!


6.)  I like raw hamburger.  I know, it’s really gross….but I love to eat hamburger when I’m frying it up.  I cook it just long enough to ‘tan’ the outside and sneak bites while I’m cooking it for supper.  I’m amazed I haven’t ended up in the hospital with food poisoning yet!  Oddly enough, I prefer my steaks to be cooked medium well.  

7.)  I have no tummy stretch marks from my two pregnancies.  I have no clue how it happened….I was terrible about remembering to put on lotion and I gained plenty of weight (30 for The Bear and 50 for Baby Bear).  However, the allure of my smooth, if chubby, tummy is slightly diminished by my tubal scar.  Dang it, now I’ll never get to be a bikini model!  What?  You need boobs larger than nearly A for that?  Double dang!  

8.)  I’m a hugger.  I’m that person who is comfortable hugging just about anyone that I know for any reason.  It’s what I do.  


WHEW!  That was harder than I thought it would be!  Sooooo, on to your challenge!  Post at least one thing I don’t know about you or risk a poopy diaper in your mailbox!  🙂  


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Eau de Spit Up

It never fails.  I’m dressed and ready to walk out of the door.  I pick up Little Bear from her crib and put her up to my shoulder.  And then, it happens.  The wet, warm, fragrant sensation that can only be one thing.  Spit up.  Throw up.  A burp gone wrong.  The PG pearl necklace.  The mark of motherhood.  Call it what you will,  spit happens.

I’ve learned the baby wipe trick.  In addition to cleaning pretty much anything in your house , they also neutralize the odor of milky spit up.  That doesn’t make it any more fun, though.

It’s always interesting to be made aware of a white trail going down your back in the middle of a store.  Especially when you left the baby at home. 

Or to be in the middle of a meeting and suddenly have a pool of spit up in your lap.  While the diaper bag is across the room.

Then there is always the Stranger Surprise.   The worst of spit up attacks.  That moment when someone else takes Little Bear and she looks up at him or her with those big gorgeous eyes and promptly throws up all over them.  The Stranger Surprise is typically doubled up with the Ultimate Mommy Merit Badge Failure.  For those of you who are always prepared, an explanation of UMMBF……this is when Mommy doesn’t have a spit up rag, baby wipes, or even tissues in the diaper bag or her purse.  Oh, what fun.

I’ve decided instead of fighting the spit up, I’m going to embrace it.  Take it and make it my own.  How, you ask?  Instead of stressing over getting it cleaned off of my clothes, I’m just going to leave it.  Lazy?  Not really.  See, in my Mommy World, it’s not going to be rotting, regurgitated milk all over me.  No!  It’s now going to be called Eau de Spit Up!  Embrace the odor stench fragrance!

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Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts: 

Potty training can kiss it.  Thinking of getting one of these doo-dads to help The Bear and I both: 

Potty Watch – One Step Ahead Baby


How difficult is it to put something away after you use it?  Apparently impossible. 


The Bear learned that if she puts her candy in the Diaper Trend and flips the top, the candy is gone.  Forever.  I love her, but I’m not digging in dirty diapers for a piece of candy.  Ew.  


I love air conditioning. 


While it may feel good to research possible solutions to problems, after a while that gets depressing, too. 


It is amazing how much more light comes in the windows when you wash sticky hand and face prints, dog slobbers, and boogers off.  And yes, I washed 2 boogers off the windows.  Toddlers. 


Making a cake from a box mix, frosting it, and letting your toddler do the sprinkles is a wonderful pick-me-up.  Just remember to wash the aforementioned toddler’s hands. 


 I love watching Baby Bear smiles.  Especially when she’s smiling at her big sister’s antics. 


 Denise Austin makes me very grateful for my mute button.  Her voice makes me want to rage out.   I don’t know why, but it does…..which defeats the purpose of a yoga/standing Pilates workout. 


You can lay a toddler down, but you can’t make her nap. 


I came to the above conclusion while I watched The Bear demonstrate to Daddy what Mommy does during “nap time”.  I wish I had gotten it filmed….a toddler attempting yoga/standing Pilates is hilarious! 


 Every time we think we are in control, God proves otherwise.  A lot of times it’s by tapping on our shoulder or throwing something in our path for us to overcome.     This week He totally V-8 Headslapped us.  *breathe*  It’s in His hands and in His timing. 

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